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Welcome to the documentation page for the "Automatic User Provisioning" App for Jira. Please read the EULA before using.

Managing the users and groups in Jira can be a hassle. Make sure that new employees immediately have access to Jira and ensure compliance by deactivating them on leave. This app supports integrating Jira with many of the leading identity providers and IAM suites such as One Login, Azure AD, Omada, Okta and many others. It fully supports the SCIM 2.0 standard.

To help you set up your IdP/IAM the plugin provides deep insight into what's happening with a details request log and a way to interactively see for real users and group what data is required and returned by Jira.

Installing the plugin is done via the Atlassian Marketplace or directly from within Jira under "Find new Apps". Search for "Automatic User Provisioning" there.

The configuration of the plugin depends on the Identity Provider (such as OneLogin or Azure AD) you are using. Please see the appropriate page under Identity Provider Set-Up.

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